Support the Make My Future Fair Campaign

Organisations campaigning for greater equality are urged to support UNICEF New Zealand’s new child rights campaign, called ‘Make My Future Fair’/ Meinga tōku āmua kia tika.

Make My Future Fair is a call for all New Zealanders to stand up for our children. It uses an interactive website to tell the story of New Zealand’s record on children’s rights, focused on health, education, violence, youth justice and family – at

“Every child in our country is a citizen with rights, needing special protection. Through Make My Future Fair, New Zealanders will be able to explore how well New Zealand is doing to uphold children’s rights and how this is impacting in real ways on children’s wellbeing,” said UNICEF NZ Advocacy Manager, Deborah Morris-Travers.

Rights are the foundation of a well-functioning society and economy for every nation and New Zealand is no different. The upholding of rights leads to collective progress for all citizens. Not realising these rights can lead to long term negative consequences for individual citizens, especially children.

“We know there are high levels of public concern about issues impacting on children. At the same time there is an unprecedented government focus on children, with the potential to deliver real improvements in wellbeing if coordinated and underpinned by a child rights approach. We have brought together some critical information about the issues and solutions to inspire and challenge all New Zealanders to maintain a focus on our nation’s children and take action.

“When people visit the first thing they will see are statements children have made about their life in New Zealand. Through videos and other content, users will be able to learn more about the issues and how they can take action at home, in their own community and by writing to government ministers and MPs to urge them to prioritise children.

“22 years on, it is time for New Zealand to step up to its obligations under UNCROC to ensure fair treatment so that every child is healthy, educated, safe and able to fully participate in our society. This is about ensuring our children have great childhoods and grow to be healthy adults who can contribute to a future we can be proud of,” concluded Ms Morris-Travers.

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