Media releases

Media Release – Thursday 28 February 2019

Anti-CGT assault masks real support for increasing fairness

Following an initial onslaught of opposition to a capital gains tax, the coming weeks will see the less vocal majority assert their support for moves to increase fairness, the Equality Network says. Read on…

Equality Network submission to the Finance and Expenditure Committee on the Budget Policy Statement 2019 – 30th January 2019

Immediate release 15th September 2017

Using Your Vote for a Better Balance of Income & Wealth

Clear choices for voters are revealed in this election on policies that can share the income and wealth of our country more fairly. Parties that have committed to policies that are likely to make good progress towards greater equality are the Green Party, the Labour Party and the Māori Party. Meanwhile, while other parties’ policies are rated as unlikely to make progress or some even to have a negative impact. Read on…

Tuesday 12th September

Collective agreements and political donations for all: ways to rebalance power

The Equality Network is calling for the Government to put curbs on political donations to stop money distorting politics, and to enable industry collective bargaining, making fairer working conditions for everyone.

The Network, whose members include NGOs, and organisations focused on health and workers rights, insists that changes to our legislation are needed to enable collective bargaining so that individuals struggling on low incomes can advocate for better working conditions, and better salaries. Read on…

Tuesday 5th September

More than Māori Language Week required for a full partnership

The Equality Network (EN) is calling for the Government to commit to a full partnership between Māori and the Crown to fulfil the promise of Te Tirīti – which means more than promoting Māori Language Week once a year.

Members of the Network, a non-partisan organisation of 37 members united by the vision of the a vision of a more equal Aotearoa New Zealand, say that the Government must commit to fulfilling its obligations under Te Tirīti. Read on…

Tuesday 29 August

The “hidden costs” of a free education in Aotearoa

The Equality Network is asking for politicians to commit to a truly free education, which will benefit all children, irrespective of their household incomes. Read on…

Tuesday 22 August

Wealthy support taxes on high wealth and a higher tax rate on top incomes: Equality Network

Tax experts and the wealthy themselves are among those supporting the call for a tax on high wealth and for a higher tax rate on top incomes. Read on…

Friday 11 August; Immediate release

Housing in the spotlight

This week the Equality Network focuses on housing. Read on…

Tuesday 8 August; Immediate release

We want the Living Wage too: Cleaners at Parliament speak out

Cleaners at Parliament are slaving away for just $15.75, before tax.  Cleaners like Eseta Ailaoa whose work day starts at 12pm. She cleans for 40 hours a week. It’s hard work – lifting heavy bins and replacing bin liners and scrubbing toilets. Read on…

Tuesday 8 August ; Immediate release

One simple change for our poorest children

Maddy*, a beneficiary with a 10-month old child, says she hasn’t heated her cold, damp house all winter – except for the one tiny room where her baby sleeps. Surviving on just $100 a week after paying rent and power, the single mother is trying to find a healthier home with lower rent but says she is stuck trapped in a vicious cycle. Read on…

Tuesday 1 August: Immediate Release

Uniting against inequality: Equality Network’s election statement calls for immediate action on inequality

The Equality Network (EN) today released its election statement announcing key measures to improve the wellbeing of all New Zealanders. Read on…