Election 2020


2020 Election Statement  

With smarter policy we can create a more equal Aotearoa New Zealand, one where income and wealth are more fairly distributed. Fairer distribution of wealth and income would ensure that everyone has the resources they need to live a decent life, pursue their dreams, build a better life for their families and whanau and live well together in a compassionate society and country.

All New Zealanders deserve a decent life, thriving, not just surviving. But big imbalances of income and wealth make that goal unattainable. Destructive and unfair imbalances corrode our social fabric and limit the life chances of many. Combined with other inequalities – such as those of gender and ethnicity – lives are damaged and inequality deepened.  In this year’s general election, we urge political parties to make three immediate moves to help rebalance income and wealth:

1. A decent income for all : A decent income for all should be no less than the independently determined ‘Living Wage’ (with its annual adjustments) and significantly higher benefits for those who need them as per the Welfare Expert Advisory Group’s recommendations. Higher basic wages must be accompanied by strengthening the generosity and effectiveness of tax and welfare policies.

2. Greater Government involvement to solve the housing crisis by:

a. clearing the backlog of social houses over the next three years to address the housing needs of the poor. This will require some four to five thousand houses to be built per year over the next three years.

b. developing and implementing policies that over the next five years enable all to have access to healthy, affordable homes.

3. A tax on high levels of wealth and more steeply progressive tax scales with a higher top marginal tax rate on the highest incomes. This will decrease inequality and ensure everyone can flourish.