Our vision

To improve the well-being of all citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand through a network of like-minded groups, by reducing the income inequalities that currently exist.

  1. We, the groups of this network, believe that we will enhance the efforts of our groups/organisations who are striving to improve the lives of all New Zealanders by working together under the banner of, ‘More equal societies are better for all’.
  2. We believe that income inequality plays a powerful role in adversely influencing other areas of social and economic well-being. Many other factors interact with income to affect people’s lives, but failing to address income inequality makes achieving progress in well-being, improving health, education and housing, reducing child poverty, and achieving gender and racial equality all harder and less likely to be effective.
  3. Our commitment to reducing income inequality is not about achieving total income equality. It is about closing the gap to a level that is not harmful to our overall well-being as a country.


An Aotearoa New Zealand where income inequality is significantly reduced

More equal societies are better for all


  1. To ensure that inequality is the primary concern of New Zealanders.
  2. To provide an effective network that assists members to carry out the kaupapa of the network and achieve their own goals that contribute to a reduction in inequality.
  3. To improve significantly public commitment towards reducing inequality


  1. Members have access to accurate and timely information, expertise and other resources that they may need to achieve the goals of the network.
  2. The number of members is increased to include as many as possible of those seeking to promote equality issues.
  3. Inequality is monitored as part of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Aotearoa New Zealand.


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