Plan to charge for emergency housing back on

A Government plan to charge people for emergency housing like motels was derailed by Covid-19, but will now come into effect two days after the election

Dileepa Fonseka, Newsroom, 22 September 2020

For most of us the biggest event of the last two years was Covid-19, but for one South Auckland family it was a home renovation.

A family of seven (two adults and five children) have lived beside rodents, been shunted to different corners of Auckland, and had their belongings flooded out in a garage they used for storage – after their landlord of five years decided to renovate the property they lived in.

There’s a shortage of social and transitional housing. Photo: Lynn Grieveson

Mary* spends her days looking for houses, making applications for rentals, getting rejected then taking those seven-eight applications in to Work and Income at the end of the week – where she waits in line for three hours – so she can prove she hasn’t been able to find a house.

“Most of the time I’m stressing out here trying to deal with housing every week. Reporting and following everything they tell me to do to keep us here for my boys to have a roof.

I don’t know how to do this … I don’t sleep at night. Even if I’m tired. I can sleep for three hours and I wake up and I feel like tired, but I just won’t sleep.”

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