Enough For All: Wellbeing and equity in Aotearoa, NZ

Online Election Forum September 16, 6pm. Hosted live at St Peter’s on Willis, Wellington.

As rising rent and housing costs hit and incomes take a dive, politicians will be challenged to deliver on the transformational agenda that has been promised to ensure that Aotearoa New Zealand is the best place to live in the world.

Anglican Movement has partnered with ActionStation, the Equality Network, Child Poverty Action Group and Tick for Kids to host an election forum for party candidates at St Peter’s on Willis, Wellington, September 16 at 6pm. The event will also be broadcast live online.

The focus of the event is to hear from party representatives about what they promise to do to ensure every individual and family has enough.

“Our communities are concerned about income and wealth inequality and how it’s hurting those with the least in our society,” said Kate Day of Anglican Movement. “Before everyone votes, we think it’s important to give people the chance to hear what each party proposes to do to close the gap between the rich and poor. We know this will be a deciding factor for many people.”

CPAG representative Dr Nikki Turner said they are deeply concerned that the economic fallout from COVID 19 will disproportionately affect families in poverty.

“Our baseline child poverty-related indicators are already unacceptable,” says Dr Turner. “So we wish to hear from each party as to how they can genuinely shift the paradigm to a focus on supporting those who are suffering the most severely”.

The Tick for Kids network has enlisted a diverse group of young people to be involved in the forum. These young people plan to engage the candidates with a live demonstration of New Zealand’s distribution of wealth.

“As a first time voter I’m excited about having a say on the future of our country,” said Norma Mclean, a Youth Caucus member. “I don’t think enough voters know how unfair the distribution of wealth is in New Zealand. It’s really important young people have a say. It’s our future at stake.”

Confirmed party representatives for the event are Marama Davidson, Co-Leader of the Green Party, and Geoff Simmons from The Opportunities Party. Other representatives will be announced shortly.

“We want to support and inform good decision-making at election time, so that we vote for people that are actually motivated to do something,” said Jo Spratt, Equality Network Convenor. “It’s policy that will make the difference and we want to see who’s committed to that policy.”

If Wellington is at Alert level 1, the event will proceed with limited seats at St Peters on Willis Street and by livestream on Facebook and Twitch. At level 2 only the politicians, media and those hosting the event will be in person. If we are at level 3 or above, everyone will be online.

For details as they come on and how to register, click on the event’s page at https://www.facebook.com/events/328506218518568 or https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/116322448575/

For further information please contact:

Prudence Stone, Tick for Kids 027 648 2021
Jo Spratt, Equality Network 021 066 4210
Kate Day, Anglican Movement 022 315 6499
Ruby Powell, ActionStation 0221027414

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