Join the AAAP protest about Govt Policies

AAAP are holding a protest at John Key’s post-budget lunch speech to business leaders at Sky City onMay 22nd.

The protest will start at 11.30 am on Friday May 22, at Sky City Convention Centre, 88 Federal Street, Auckland. 

Key and co. are arriving for 12pm so let’s make sure we’re there to give them our policy recommendations first hand. The business elite aren’t the only people in our society who should have their reactions to the 2015 Budget heard.

See the Facebook event details.

Why the Budget?

Year after year, the Nats have shown their commitment to promoting the interests of the rich while beneficiaries, low paid workers and students pay the price.

We know this Government’s budget will again have no solution to the poverty affecting thousands of New Zealander’s. We’d love to see decent job creation, support for education and students, higher benefit payment rates, a living wage and policies that promote social security as a right. That won’t happen. Come protest.

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