Tax Justice Aotearoa

Tax Justice Aotearoa is planning an active year, including:
• Producing more policy briefs. We want to examine income taxes, a land tax, Te Tiriti and tax, environmental taxes, international taxation and a financial transactions tax. Get in touch if you have any interest or expertise in these areas, and would like to help.
• Building on the success of Tax on Tuesdays with two more series. The first will focus on environmental taxes; the second on tax, benefits, in-work poverty and housing.
• Running a modest social media campaign to show people what their taxes get them – the quality public services we all value so much.
• Continuing to meet with ministers, parliamentarians and policy-makers to talk about how to reduce and prevent inequality with taxes.
• Continuing to engage with others, grow our network and membership, and share messaging. [email protected] for more details or to join the campaign.

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