Poverty Action Waikato

Poverty Action Waikato is a regionally focused research and advocacy project, located at Anglican Action in Te Ara Hou Village, Hamilton. This social change project aims to research the impacts of poverty, inequality and to raise public awareness of these impacts and ways of reducing poverty at local community, policy and structural levels of society.

Over the past three years, researchers Dr Rose Black and Anna Cox have developed Poverty Action Waikato into a locally and nationally recognised regional research and advocacy body. Utilising their extensive networks and communicating through reports, media and public events, Poverty Action Waikato has added voice to the ways in which poverty is experienced and responded to in Hamilton city and many Waikato towns and rural communities.

We support the living wage campaign, developing a high pay commission, access to employment, affordable housing and food for all people.

Current information is located on our webpage and reports are also available via email request.

Helpful support to our action could be…

Poverty Action Waikato is a voluntary group with a passion for raising issues of inequality and poverty and supporting ways to change the current economic and social policies that are creating inequalities in our region, country and globally.  We are keen to work with individuals, groups and organisations that are working towards change that promotes and supports systems that distribute resources more equitably in our society.

Other actions include sharing the information and analysis in our website and newsletters, organising events in your area to promote awareness of inequality and its impacts and organising responses that are local, regional and national.

Rose Black | 07 929 4814 or 027 4402796