New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU): Te Kauae Kaimahi

The CTU goal is for full and decent employment for workers and their families to have the income necessary for a decent standard of living, get good wages, have access to education training opportunities, work in healthy and safe conditions and to be able to participate meaningfully in their communities. Work has to be decent, productive, provide fair wages and be underpinned by rights.

We support that all citizens should be guaranteed access to social protections to ensure income security for people who require it because of unemployment, sickness, pregnancy or similar social needs. There must be universal access for all citizens to good standards of health, education, housing and other essential needs required to live in the 21st century.

What we do to reduce inequality

We actively campaign on a broad range of issues affecting workers, their families the economy and society. This encompasses work rights, education and health services, wider human rights, health and safety, equal pay, the Living Wage, paid parental leave, respecting the environment and asset sales. We organise with unions, we build relationships with other groups, we make submissions on policy and legislation, we have a public profile, and we support flax roots campaigns to reduce inequality, maintain rights and promote decent work.

Helpful support to our action could be…

  • Support from other NGOs and civil society groups on promoting work rights and for union campaigns.
  • Working with other organisations to share the same values and have common goals and objectives – such as the Living Wage, sustainable jobs, income security and adequate social protection.
  • Appearing together at each other’s forums and acting together and show a common front: working together makes us stronger.

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