Living Economies Educational Trust

Living Economies promotes and supports interest-free systems of exchange to complement money in local communities. Examples include Timebanks, LETSytems (Green Dollars), Savings Pools and Business-to-Business voucher systems.

Living Economies Educational Trust helps reduce inequality by highlighting its root cause: the design of the money system.

“We create our exchange systems and then they create the world we live in.” Bernard Lietaer, research fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Resources, California, and co-author of Rethinking Money (2013)

Our Trust promotes interest-free systems of exchange that empower people, build community and revitalise local economies. We promote monetary literacy through workshops, seminars and through books, DVDs and periodic publications. We are confident economic inequality will be significantly reduced as society develops a distaste for currency created as interest-bearing debt.

As Michael Ruppert says, “Until you change how money works, you change nothing!”

We would like others in the Network to:

  • promote public workshops we would present on Timebanks, Savings Pools and monetary literacy
  • ask local government authorities to support such systems in the form of advertising and office and meeting facilities
  • learn about and eventually assist with administration of our online book and video shop

We also welcome enquiries from people who want to learn more about community currencies, timebanks and savings pools with an eye to becoming promoters and presenters on these topics.

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