Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi

As an old net withers another is remade

In late 2020 the Equality Network underwent a review focused on the questions of whether the Network should continue, and if so, how it would be resourced. The review found that the Equality Network had achieved a great deal during its ‘life’ and contributed to getting, and keeping, economic inequality on the political agenda. Over this time, other groups also began to work more overtly on the issue of economic inequality. The review concluded that despite the best efforts of all those involved, the Equality Network was experiencing a loss of direction and a lack of resources to continue functioning. The review recommended that the Equality Network cease to function.

Over the first few months of 2021, the Equality Network Committee discussed the review report and considered the next steps. After a great deal of deliberation, the Committee concluded that the best way forward was to close the Equality Network, despite the fact that economic inequality continues to be a significant issue for Aotearoa New Zealand. The Committee concluded that the review’s findings indicated that there may be other ways of networking and advocating on economic inequality that are more suitable and effective.

We acknowledge the care, thought and hard work that went into everything the Equality Network achieved over the years. It was, and is, important work. The good news is that the member organisations, and many others, continue this work. You can find out more about member organisation’s work here: MEMBERS PAGE

There remains much to do to make Aotearoa New Zealand a place where all of us flourish, together. Let’s keep collectively exploring, trying new things, and learning, to make this vision a reality.

Solesolevaki sa itakele ni duavata

Solidarity is the cornerstone of unity

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