Equality Network releases Election Strategy

The Equality Network has released it’s Election Strategy document, to help members of network leverage each other and amplify the noise about equality in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Over the next six critical weeks, the network will be tackling six profound themes:

1. Salaries. Significantly increase low pay, through a higher minimum wage, where possible a Living Wage, and stronger collective bargaining. Curb very high pay – where it is not justified by exceptional talent, hard work or contribution – through pay ratios and other means.

2. Tax and benefits. Create a more progressive tax system that taxes all income including the gains people make from selling houses. Ensure all people and companies pay their fair share of tax. Use these funds to ensure all New Zealanders can live with dignity by providing benefits that keep families above the poverty line. Consider implementing a universal basic income

3. Jobs. Make sure there are enough good quality jobs, with decent pay, security of employment and family-friendly hours

4. Education. Ensure there is an education system that gives everyone the skills they need to play their part in a high-productivity, high-paying workforce

5. Health.  Make sure that everyone lives in a warm, healthy, affordable home, and that there are no income barriers to people getting the healthcare they need

6. Democracy. Improve participation in our democratic institutions by creating new ways for people to get involved, ensuring all government policies help to close income gaps, and developing measures of national progress that go beyond just GDP

Watch this space for weekly updates.

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