Election 2017


2017 Election Statement  

We of the Equality Network want to create a more equal New Zealand, one where everyone can pursue their dreams, a country where everyone has the resources they need to build a good life for their families and whānau, where income and wealth reflect fairness and balance.

We believe it is possible for all New Zealanders to enjoy a decent life, one where everyone thrives. But we recognise that big imbalances of income and wealth have been deeply destructive and unfair. They corrode our social fabric and limit the life chances of hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders. Combined with other inequalities – such as those of gender and ethnicity – they damage lives and deepen disadvantage.

In this year’s general election, we want political parties to commit to three immediate changes to tilt the balance back towards us being a country where everyone can thrive.

Our three immediate ambitions to help re-balance income and wealth and, as a result, promote a decent life for everyone are:

  1. Income for all that provides the necessities of life through a Living Wage and fairer income support
  2. A Government-funded house-building programme to help address the housing crisis and provide everyone with healthy, affordable homes with long-term tenure
  3. A tax on very high levels of wealth and higher top tax rates on the highest incomes to ensure everyone contributes their fair share and enable our families and whānau to thrive.

This election statement is presented on behalf of the 37 member organisations of the Equality Network. We ask that this statement and other supporting information be shared through your networks as widely as possible.

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You can view our full election statement here: Equality Network final statement + backgrounder Jul2017

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