600 gather to hear solutions on housing

On the 9th August, 600 people filled the Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul to hear electoral candidates talking about the housing crisis. For more information/ a write-up of the event click here. Videos from the event can be found here.

Closing remarks from Bishop Justin Duckworth:

“[Hon Alfred Ngaro] you made a really good point that the answers are not [over the road at Parliament,] they’re here.  They are here – they are in this room and we’re living those answers regularly.  But we do need a little bit of help.  … here’s some things we would like.  We would like affordable housing for New Zealanders, number one.  We would like increased social housing stocks, number two.  And we would like rental properties fit for people to actually live in and prosper their lives in.  That’s the stuff we need your help on.”

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