CPAG housing event Wellington

When: 17:30 27/08/2015 to 19:30 27/08/2015

Where: The Backbencher Pub 34 Molesworth St Thorndon, Wellington

This month, CPAG is campaigning to raise public and political awareness about the poor housing conditions endured by children and families living in poverty in New Zealand.

Please join us at a special Wellington CPAG event on 27 August to support this campaign.
Featuring Master Puppeteer, Norbert Hausberg and Wellington musician Nigel Parry
Children thrive in healthy and affordable homes. Every child deserves the best start in a warm, dry, secure home. But poor families are at the back of the queue for housing and end up with the worst accommodation. Right now in New Zealand we have children living in garages, boarding houses, caravans, camping grounds and even cars.
Mouldy, damp housing makes children sick and can cause life-long harm. Shifting around a lot, and living in crowded conditions, stops children learning. Such stressful conditions are no way for children and families to live. Urgent action is needed to make sure poor families have decent housing.
Child Poverty Action Group is calling on the Government to act urgently to make sure all rental accommodation is healthy andaffordable for families.
Introduce and enforce a WOF for housing
Introduce subsidies to get rentals up to a healthy standard.
Urgently review and update the Accommodation Supplement.
Please join us at our special Wellington CPAG event on 27 August, and help us build momentum for urgent action on healthy and affordable housing.

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